Bicu lepsa nego ikada, I pozvacu te NIKADA

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all 4 me

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I do!! Each and every one of you!! Now don’t be shy and hit me up!! ;-)

Im back & its Pay day!

So one night all together smoked 2 grams in one night, in Australia that is a fair bit. So we (me and this anonymous person) were chatting away and of course it’s fried talk, all went through one ear out the other, was to fried for a conversation. Don’t know how I got out there alive, but I was in the taxi home the next day and trying to figure out what happen.. I only remembered this one piece of information he told me…

Meth, heroine and coke are the most addictive drugs because you see yourself doing it. Usually when you snort you snort it off a mirror (if you’re beg classy) meth you see yourself twirling the pipe, heroine you see yourself inject. I didn’t out much thought into it… About a year later, I would have cravings but could control them however still usuong… it came back to my mind that it was physically addictive and I had a broken piece of stem in my bag so I put it to my mouth and twirled it as I would a normal pipe. As soon as I done that my craving shot up and it was scary how much I started to crave it. I was scared. So I now beleive that cravings can be cured but nothing can replace twirling that pipe… Once you twirl a pipe, that’s when it gets lethal.

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my girls


Dont even try to deny the fact that this was the best kitchen in the entire world and still is.



Vreme za ljubav ističe, nas dvoje više nikada, ni novi, a ni stari. 

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Najbolja ! 😍

Prelepa Ceca (2003.)